Tuesday, 14 September 2010

BeaverFit Power Rack

BeaverFit say their Power Rack is the heaviest duty Power Rack system available
on the market…It is a beast…WE believe them.

It’s big. It’s solid. It makes some of our 6 foot five plus athletes look
average in height and easily makes some of our 100kg athletes look small, even
with near to 200kgs on the bar.

We’ve used it for squats, deads and most overhead movements. It has taken misses
from heavy loads without seeming to have lost any structural integrity. This is
good - this cage is SOLID.

Its sheer size enables you to pretty much do anything
within its structure...SAFELY. The significance of this is that it gives our athletes the confidence to go heavy without any doubt for their safety. Confidence in your equipment is
integral when the mind needs to be right.

The cages also have ‘ladder’ pull up bars with one side of the bar being
thicker, good for working the grip. Our bigger guys have done pull up workouts
on these without any issues of the cage moving.

We have two designs at CrossFit Reading, two with plate holders on one side and
one with plate holder either side of the rack. Preference is subjective, but
aesthetics aside, space my dictate your requirement. Only one modification we
would opt for would be for the bar hooks to perhaps be slightly bigger to enable
easier re-racking.

That aside, like other BeaverFit equipment, customisability means that the
Powercage can grow to meet any needs or requirements with add-ons. Not much more
you could want really because it’s all there if you did want it.

Review by Thong Van Cao